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“An amazing dance pop masterpiece from Malmö based songstress Vivi”Discobelle

The Swedish songstress may be a new debutant, but she is no stranger to music.

Influenced by the blues and soul, Vivi started singing at the mere age of three. No instruments at the house? No problem. Who needs a drum set when you have pots and pans? The young girl with an old soul found herself singing songs before she even understood the words.

Fast forward to 2016, with an academic background in music and performing arts, Vivi is singing her own songs. First up is the pop infused R&B single Over Here, created together with fellow label mates, Rebstar, Saint and producer Madison.

Sweden hasn’t had a female R&B artist to brag about for quite some time. That is all about to change. With Vivi’s forthcoming debut project around the corner, broken hearts all over the world will finally have the soundtrack of their lives.

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